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Saturday, June 18th, 2005
1:48 pm
Forgive my quiet!
I am sorry for my extended absence! I hope your lives have not lost their meaning without me to be in them. I know how people can become so fascinated by me that they pine when I am away.

I am experiencing . . . financial difficulties at the present time. I have been consumed with worry; what if I have to shut down my Trick House? Permanently!!

I will make an attempt to come online tonight and talk to you all.

Current Mood: worried
Saturday, June 11th, 2005
8:16 pm
Great trick!
Today was a most great day!

One trainer, of most arrogant attitude, got completely tricked in my third maze. He was so turned around that he eventually ended up stuck in a single room and started yelling to be let out!

He had some strong pokemon, as some of the other trainers could tell, though. Apparently he relied more on power than cleverness and thinking, though!

Another great trainer humbled in my mighty maze!
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
3:08 pm
New tricks
Ah, my first true entry!

Today I have been trying an entirely new trick in my house. It is so simple I can't believe I didn't think of it before! I just turned off the lights! Trainers with Flash are having a much better time, I admit, and those who don't . . . they aren't clever enough!

Only one has gotten through so far today, and I gave him a Timer Ball as a reward. He is within five paces of me in greatness, he is! Of course, few can come close to matching me, fufufufu.

Speaking of those select few greats, though . . . Lenore, it seems it may take some time for me to find the Metal Coat, though I am searching in many ways. When it comes to prizes, I have a long arm! I will find one, don't worry!

Pryce, I also look forward to your visit. It has been a long time since I have had such a high-profile victim, er, guest! Fufufu! See if you can get your friend Giovanni to come as well!
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
10:48 pm
Hello, hello!
Hello, all!

I am the glorious Trick Master! I have just joined The Network to find some interesting people, and maybe some more tricks for my trick house!

So, hello everyone, it is nice to meet you!

Current Mood: energetic
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